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Our influencers and members have featured in..

our influencers and clients have featured in...

Why Us?

Struggling to grow on Instagram? You’re not alone, in fact you’re far from it!
Since 2019 Instagram has been making several adjustments to their platform and algorithm, making it almost impossible for users worldwide to organically grow the way they used to. That’s right, you are not imagining things and even famous users are facing the same obstacles you are.

Since 2015, Capital Models have helped 5,000+ ambitious creatives like yourself, grow from hundreds to thousands of real engaged followers which helped kickstart their dream careers.

By growing your account with us you can

Grow a Real Fanbase
Have Freedom to Focus on Content Creation
Get Your Account Noticed by 1000’s Every Month
Land Bigger Brand Partnerships


How it Works

Over many years we have worked with most growth methods you could imagine and our members have ranged from just starting out with a brand new account to grammy award winning celebrities. We are still finding that the most popular, affordable, targeted audience, high value, results-driven service is the simple engagement method.

We attract your ideal audience by engaging from your account, with a proven success rate that works for almost any niche.

Here are a few of the benefits included in your monthly growth plan

Advanced Audience Targeting
Dedicated Account Manager
24/7 TXT Support
Cancel Anytime

Getting Started


1. Signup in Just 2mins
2. Tell Us Your Goals and Ideal Audience
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1. Perform a Free Account Audit and Research Your Ideal Audience
2. Develop a Unique Strategy for Your Account within Just 7 Days
3. Login and Engage Relevant Users from Your Account for You

Real Engaged Followers
No Fakes / Bots
Results Within 10 Days
Growth Improves Over Time

What Results Can I Achieve?

The results speak for themselves! Just follow your analytics closely to see just how much of an increase in reach, impressions, follows and engagement you are receiving.

Don’t believe us? Here’s what some of our members have to say.

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Huge shoutout to Capital Models for increasing my audience on Instagram and growing a real fan base. In the past year since signing up with you guys I have had more bookings with photographers and brands.


Thanks to Capital Models for helping me grow my following for my beauty pageant. Social Media plays a vital part in the overall contest which I ended up winning and got to travel overseas. Your service has been really amazing for my career as a model!


Capital Models have taken my account to another level (9x my following in 6 months) which has even presented me with some really cool collaboration opportunities and paid partnerships with brands. Thanks!


I have grown from just a couple hundred followers to over 20K. My agency love it too because it helps me get lots of work & brands are more likely to book me now.


I definitely recommend Capital Models for anyone interested in reaching a broader audience, my following & engagement has already tripled! I have made so many new connections with incredible artists, photographers and fans!


I love this service because it allows me to put my focus on creating more amazing content. It is so hard to grow on Instagram now & I have had MASSIVE results in the past 12 months with Capital Models. Thank you guys!

Google + Facebook Reviews

Sierra C.

"I’ve been growing my Instagram with Capital Models for over a year and they have gained me over 16k real followers!"

Stephania H.

"This Instagram growth service actually works and I’ve been able to make real brand partnerships through it."

Ryan R.

"This is the best Instagram growth agency out there!"

Paulina C.

"Capital Models have helped leverage my career in the model industry. Greatest agency! Thank you!"

Matt T.

"Capital has opened up a lot of doors and opportunities for me in the modelling industry! Would highly recommend them as a company both to work for and work with!"

Sally S.

"I work with several influencers whom I connect with Capital Models to grow their Instagram following organically. It's been over a year working with Capital Models and they are always very consistent with their results and customer support."


Start Growing Today with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
If we for any reason don’t gain access to your account or you do not gain any followers in the first 30 days after signing up, you will receive a full refund without any hassle.

gradual growth results naturally vary



Estimated 500 - 1,750+
Real Followers per month

  • 100% Organic Follower Growth
  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Unique Expert Strategy
  • Safe + Instagram Compliant
  • 24/7 TXT Support
  • Cancel Anytime
*monthly subscription
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